Medical Claims Administration

Drive down administrative costs and improve relationships with network providers.

Accurate Health Auditing & Consulting S.A. can help you drive down administrative and medical costs and improve relationships with network providers, with our comprehensive health benefits plan claims processing and administration, including medical and reimbursement account claims adjudication and payment, enrollment and eligibility services.

When it comes to controlling complexity and cost in claims processing operations, health plans need to move from a retrospective “pay and chase” to prospective prevention; that is why all of our claims administration services are conducted on-site by our experienced team along with our state-of-the-art proprietary claims processing system that utilizes automated checks and balances, to ensure that all claim payments are appropriate.

Electronic Claims

Over 90% of our claims are received electronically through electronic data interchange (EDI). This allows us to automatically adjudicate claims based on your specific benefit plan. Our claims examiners review claims as they are adjudicated to pinpoint any potential errors, or address special circumstances requested by each client.

Eligibility and claims information is electronically transmitted, allowing for quick turnaround of payments.

Performance Standards

We strive to exceed your expectations and commit to strict claims processing performance standards. Our claim system is completely flexible; this enables our claim professionals to work with a client’s internal risk management team to learn the intricacies of an organization and develop an administration program that is appropriate and efficient.

Our claim professionals fully investigate and vigorously pursue all claims with potential subrogation. In addition, our quality assurance team closely follows clients’ instructions and implements best practices. ACCURATE devotes special resources to specialty claims that are either high amounts or high intensity.

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