Cost Containment

We identify areas of deficiency and implement cost containment strategies for improvement.

Rising health care costs are one of the biggest problems facing health care organizations today. Left unmanaged, large claims can quickly spiral out of control.

Backed by a strong management team and adhering to strict quality protocols, we combine our knowledge of insurance, risk management and medical best practices to assist our clients to evaluate and assess risk from a business and medical perspective and gain control over these costs.

ACCURATE works with each client, identifying areas of deficiency and implementing cost containment strategies for improvement. We carefully analyze claims to identify any opportunity to reduce health care expenses. This analysis may produce opportunities to renegotiate charges and identify any duplicative or unnecessary codes. To that end, Accurate has invested significant resources in technology and personnel, which increase our ability to provide our clients with exceptional service and significant cost saving plans.

No matter which cost containment solutions are selected, the following objectives always remain a priority for ACCURATE:

  • Control unit cost through healthcare provider contracts.
  • Seek to maximize healthcare quality, while eliminating unnecessary medical charges.
  • Track and record results and report them back to you.
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