Insurance Carriers / Health Plans

Reform and market pressures are driving health plans to significantly reduce administrative expenses while sharpening their focus on quality and care improvement. To succeed in today’s market, health plans must do everything they can to decrease costs and increase performance across their entire value chain, while at the same time assess the landscape, plan new initiatives and evaluate programs on an ongoing basis.

ACCURATE works closely with Insurance Carriers to analyze their current state and uncover new opportunities for proactive care management, provide efficient and secure services that address specific needs, create cost savings that maximize performance, so that providers can better serve patients, increase revenue and improve customer loyalty.

ACCURATE provides Insurance Carriers and Health Plans comprehensive services to reduce health care costs and improve care quality, with

  • Medical Case Management Services – to obtain comprehensive views into provider measurement and care management, that help decrease costs and increase performance across the entire value chain
  • Claims Management and Administration Services – to help streamline the administrative processes and control complexity & costs
  • Cost Containment Services – to help measure, analyze, and control costs, and strengthen network relationships to optimize quality and health outcomes.
  • Consulting Services – to help choose the right mix of services to manage risk, attract and retain members, and grow the business.

To learn how ACCURATE can help your organization, visit ACCURATE Services.

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