Our Business Focus

ACCURATE’s customers have diverse needs – yet all have a common goal: improving the quality of their patient care services, while containing costs.

Our Medical Case Management and Third Party Administration services are comprehensive. For those who want professional assistance in identifying areas of deficiency and implementing cost containment strategies, ACCURATE’s Cost Containment team offers expert help by carefully analyzing claims to identify opportunities to reduce health care expenses. Our Health Management Consulting Services can provide additional support, by offering insights on best-practice strategies, and customizing programs as needed to the unique needs of an organization.

Our teams of specialists assure quality of care and cost management which includes: prior authorization, case management and concurrent review. Additionally, discharge planning and retrospective review are also conducted.

We provide a full array of solutions, with extensive experience in:

  • Pre-admission audits, to determine the necessity of hospitalization, or the performance of medical examinations that an attending physician proposes,
  • Clinical audits throughout hospitalization, to attest the necessity of the length of a patient’s stay, as well as, to reduce the case of abuse from unnecessary diagnostic tests, or other medical acts,
  • Medical records inspections during hospitalization and after a patient’s discharge from the hospital.
  • Detailed audits of invoices, issued by a hospital following the patient’s discharge, prior to the submission of a claim to our client, to identify possible cases of fraud from repeated charges, along with other possible errors.
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