Thank you for your interest in ACCURATE!

We are a growing company focused on providing integrated Medical Case Management and Claims Management and Administration to payers. ACCURATE offers career advancement, training and development opportunities as well as the chance to be an integral player in a fast growing environment. We are committed to providing comprehensive benefits at an affordable price.

We are always looking for experienced and professional individuals with the following career profiles:

Claim Examiners

We hire experienced people with a background in claims and managed care administration. Insurance claims examiners require a mix of analytic and people skills. To evaluate a health insurance claim, an examiner may have to consult with medical experts and study medical records. Our claim examiners are experienced in investigating eligibility, coordination of benefits, unreasonable charges and exclusions. New claim examiners, regardless of experience, receive extensive training, regarding medical terminology and practices, ACCURATE’s policies, standard administrative procedures, claim system application and client-specific benefits.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer Service Representatives respond to the many questions and concerns members have regarding often complex healthcare claims. Responding to those concerns and questions requires knowledge, professionalism and understanding. To meet these requirements, we look for individuals who possess excellent people skills and are knowledgeable about healthcare benefits. Customer service representatives are trained on ACCURATE’s policies and procedures, telephone courtesy, claim system as well as client-specific benefit information.

Medical Consultants

Medical Consultants with board certified medical physicians in a variety of specialties are retained. As medical technology and practices become more complicated, claims for unique or unusual services or claims with questionable medical necessity are referred to our technical unit staff for review and determination. When necessary, claims are sent to our in-house nurses or qualified independent consultants for review and recommendation.

For consideration, please send your resume.

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